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Get The VIP Treatment You Deserve

I enjoy the services provided and want you to feel you’re getting the attention you deserve whenever you come by Lolly’s Pretty Place! This is your safe zone so feel free to unwind when you are in my chair. :) As my goal is to build long lasting friendships and not just a clientele, I will strive to make you happy and feel your best. I'm so thankful for the continued support my loyal clients have given me over the years..
Shout out babes  This ones for you.



Special FX - Glam - Bridal

Offering skilled makeup applications to turn you into the nightmare of your dreams. Whether you would like Special Effects Makeup, Bridal, or Natural Glam-  You will be looking your best the whole night.


Eyelash Extensions

Hybrid - Volume - Mega Volume

Are you more natural or dramatic? Either way here at Lolly's Pretty Place you will get the look your searching for with Kayla's expertise in Hybrid, Volume, and Mega Volume sets offered to fit your eye shape and personality.

Balayage Fri-yay! 💋 #balayage #highligh

Hair Services

Color, Cuts, Bayalage, Highlights, Keratin Treatments, Conditioning Treatments

Lolly's Pretty Place strives to offer you the best quality services to give you the hair you desire while also considering your hairs integrity. Our Ultimate goal is to give you the healthiest hair of your dreams.



Natural Hair-like Strokes

This is your Service Description. Use this space to explain this service in more detail.

Airbrush Makeup first and then an Airbru


Airbrush Tanning - Waxing [Head to Toe]

Get a flawless glow with the ultimate cheat-a perfect sunless tan. Using an all natural solution Kayla will provide you with a sexy, bronzed figure that noone can resist.

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